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My life so far has been a great adventure.

I’d love to share some of the highlights of my spiritual journey with you.

I have been open to communication with the spirit realms since childhood but it took me a while to let this gift flower, as things often happen in the “hero” journey, as you may know.

As a teenager I rebelled and wanted to find my own way, I wasn’t going to have any external authority telling me what to do, or how I should be. I wanted to follow my heart and my inner guidance and I was blessed t be protected and guided by Spirit each step of the way.

I love art and myth so I studied illustration at the European Institute of Design in Milan but once I graduated, instead of moving into work I moved to India where I was initiated into meditation by the enlightened master Osho. I lived therefore five years volunteering in what was then called the Creative Art Department of the ashram. I learned art therapy from the brilliant Meera Hashimoto (

Then I went traveling around the world visiting sacred sites, I was on a deep inner journey that lasted five years. I lived in various spiritual communities, practiced meditation, made art and theatre, danced and learned. Life was my teacher, my intention was to live as fully as possible.

During that time I also kept learning modalities such as metaphysical healing at the Osho Esoteric Academy in Sedona, Family Constellation from Svagito Liebemeister and Tantra from Barry Long. When I arrived to live in London in the year 2000 I began to give psychic readings at Mystery, the oldest esoteric bookshop in Europe. I studied Transpersonal Counseling, became a Landmark Forum introduction leader, and studied hypnosis and NLP with Christopher Howard. In 2006, I opened my private practice in Harley Street.

In 2011, I played the Transformation Game for the first time ( and was irrevocably called by the Angel of Findhorn to move to Scotland. Here I became part of the Findhorn Foundation co-workers and also a guide of the Transformation Game. In 2018, immediately following the Co- Creative Spirituality Conference, I took part in a touch- drawing workshop taught by Deborah Koff-Chapin (

It was then that the spirit beings of the Findhorn Spirit Oracle deck made their appearance, but I only understood the scope of this manifestation after the high energy that had moved through my body for five days and nights had calmed down. The touch-drawing images moved my soul and I began to interact with the spirit guides depicted in them as well as sharing their messages with others.

In November 2019 I was suddenly told in spirit that I had “graduated from the mystery school and needed to move on from service in the Findhorn Foundation”. Something else needed to emerge that I had no idea about; I could only sense a great gap. I was able to trust the process, I made myself available and waited for further guidance.

Covid hit the world in January 2020 and I was grateful to find myself in a safe place, from which I could offer assistance to people going through major changes which often open the possibility for personal transformation and spiritual awareness.

We live in challenging times in which a new humanity is emerging and I am grateful to be part of this unfolding consciousness and able to be of service.

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My spiritual path has been one of transmutation and transformation..indeed my mother used to call me “The butterfly” yet it’s taken most of my life to see why.

As a young child I quickly realised that the world was a different place for me than it seemed to be for others and nature became the sanctuary and solace I initially sought as an escape from a traumatic home life.

Much later I realised that in some senses that trauma was a gift, for it forced me inwards to discover a world within that I could return to anytime I needed to.

This ability in time developed into an ever deepening consciousness that the cosmos is comprised of myriad interconnecting worlds or dimensions and that each one is inhabited by unique hierarchies of beings.  

In my late teens I left the small Norfolk town that had been my home for the last few years and travelled to London where I entered the glossy world of fashion media which allowed me to travel extensively. It was during that time and through a series of synchronicities that one day I found myself at the Theosophical Society in Gloucester Place, meeting the man who was to become my Qabalistic teacher for fifteen years.  

We studied many things, continuity of consciousness, dream work, the building of character, symbolism and the linking chains of association between them and many other wonderful subjects that caused me to have spontaneous out of body experiences during my meditative practice sessions. It was a magical and wonderful period in my life and gave me a great grounding and understanding of my natural gifts and abilities.

I then went to a Vipassana intensive retreat in the north of Thailand and this reset the baseline of my entire perception and experiences in life from then on. It was there I first understood what it means to be cosmically aware and also how to play with the elements in nature.

In the early noughties I began studying and writing poetry with a Tamil Brahmin who had spoken in tongues regularly as a youth and who formed a philosophical school of art and poetry called the Apocalyptic School which was centred around channeling and embodying god forms which were expressed in poems, haiku, digital paintings or captured manifested in nature photography. I continue to write to this day dividing my creative outlet between poetry and song lyrics.

All my adult life I’ve followed my own counsel, my heart and listened to my intuition and guides. I enjoy to share light, laughter and warmth with all that I meet.

I am conscious and excited that a new manifestation of humanity and the earth is now gathering in momentum and I am glad to be at a phase of my personal spiritual evolution where I can now offer my gifts to assist others who are actively curious and engaging with their own awakening.

To those who feel called to connect I honour your heroism, your fearlessness and your love.

Spirit to Spirit

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